La Revancha / Revenge by Henry Eric Hernandez From Perceval Press
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La Revancha / Revenge by Henry Eric Hernandez is a truthful account of the history of the previously unknown. The lives of those documented in this eloquent statement of episodic accounts are not of the wealthy or the text book elevated leaders of Cuba's past. Those included in this book are individuals who contributed to Cuba's deep, cross-rooted culture.

The backdrop of the story is the 1950's overthrow of the Batista regime by the 26th of July Movement and the establishment of Fidel

PUNK '77 RE/Search Publications
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VENICE – Devo's Gerald Casale, SPK's Graeme Revell and RE/Search Publications' V. Vale sat on the same panel last night before a sold-out house where the Q&A created a heated audience discussion at the legendary Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center.

“I used to work in a mental asylum. That’s kind of where I started my band,” New Zealand-born film-score composer Revell said as the audience busted out laughing. “There was a black pill we used to have to give people with schizophrenia. It was