Intelligence Failure: Buckethead And Viggo Mortensen Perceval Press
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From the creative collaboration of previous Guns 'n' Roses guitarist Buckethead and prominent actor, musician, poet, photographer and indie publisher Viggo Mortensen comes this release of braided political-musical composition: Intelligemce Failure. In what has come to be expected from the indie publishing house Perceval Press, the cutting-edge, hard-hitting Progressive values of peace and anti-political corruption are more than mere overtones in this work.

However, there are subtextual

Please Tomorrow CD Perceval Press
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The first of what seems an unfinished three act play: Please Tomorrow is a psychedelic weave of light extinguishing dark. The cover and inside art express emotions of isolation, cold and a hibernation of feeling. The musical threads icicle through a faded-out acid trip of juggernauted emotion and fade into a near Bach-like fugue in slow motion. The piano in this release seemed like the foundation for the piano themes in Perceval release Intelligence Failure. But the addition of Indian

Yo Tokyo! CD Album Cover Cal Campbell
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MALIBU - The Indie Pop/Rock CD Yo Tokyo! is not a one hit wonder album. There are in fact numerous tracks that show promise for a radio station's hit list. This is not surprising when you learn the lead vocalist is Cal Campbell, son of local Malibu residents Glen and Kim Campbell. Musical talent certainly runs in the Campbell family. Yo Tokyo! is on the cutting edge of today's Indie music industry.

"The CD is engineered well," Jon Griffin, a 20-year veteran as an audio engineer and music