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Herb Alpert's artistic expressions are on exhibition at the Robert Berman Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

"In addition to his acclaimed musical accomplishments, Alpert has spent more than half his life as a respected abstract expressionist painter and sculptor," said Caroline Graham, Alpert's publicist at C4 Global Communications. "He began painting in 1969 and has experimented with a number of different styles and materials, perhaps none more unusual than one of his mediums of

Banksy Paparazzi Rat
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The Urban Art underground could soon be the mainstream. That could change everything.

Is graffiti the catalyst of urban decay or its by-product? Is it art, or vandalism? Is graffiti a cry for existential recognition, or just a medium to bad mouth society at large? Or, is there a meaningful message inside the act of graffiti itself?

The word graffiti is derived both from its parent Greek term graphein,  meaning to write, and the Italian word graffito. The plural form of graffito is graffiti
Massillon Exhibition Eliza French & Jeff Charbonneau
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Massillon: a narrative story told through pictures. While there is humor in these dark and sometimes peculiarly frightening images, a sense of melancholy, terror and doom fills the sequence that overwhelms the small gallery. Horror and the supernatural are found in the real life tale re-imagined by Jeff Charbonneau and Eliza French. they weave a tale of the life of Zeta Eliza Wolley and the culture in which she lived near the turn of the 20th Century. Wolley’s life was grotesque, mysterious and

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Born in the city of San Jose, California, Agustin Castillo has a cross cultural upbringing between America and Mexico, where he has lived most of his life. His works are defined by his use of color that keeps only an allusion to the original. Hints of Picasso are evident, but digging deeper one can see zoomed-in cross sections of the tumultuous Goya. Abstract work from Castillo is capable of burning, corroding and destroying in its deep emblem of sexuality.

“The concept of development is

Annie From The Big Valley by Alex Prager 2008
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She's witty and sincere. There's a pleasantness about her that's charming and genuine. She has no formal education past 8th grade but is articulate and of raw talent and vision. Alex Prager is a color photographer and was an eruption into the art scene with her Polyester exhibition last summer out at Robert Berman’s Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica. Prager’s London exhibition, The Big Valley is currently at the Michael Hoppen Gallery and is no disappointment after Polyester.


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Lyndie Benson is candid, down to earth, there’s no pretentiousness in her character. When confronted with the new knowledge that one of her recent Great Wall photos from China was listed as a winner on the 2008 International Photography Awards site, she was dumfounded, stating “Really? I didn’t know that.” Benson said she “enters contests because it is fun. Of course it is more fun if you win.” Benson is still not even sure which in her series of her Great Wall photographs received the

Ray Harris Hollywood
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MAJ: Were the Hollywood Locations series plein air, like much of your other work? If not, what technique did you use for this series?

HARRIS: These paintings were done en plein air with the exception of the Hollywood Sign and the Animation Room. While working at Walt Disney Pictures, I painted after work from the rooftops, parking structures and back-lot streets. I used available lighting which sometimes limited my choices of compositions and subjects. It was still enjoyable and challenging. I

Night Shift, 2008 
Ink, clay and acrylic on maso nite
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Looking at David Trulli’s works in a small format like online photos, one could easily conclude these labor intensive scratchboards were mere pencil drawings, especially given they’re heavily influenced by the Zeitgeist of U.S. West Coast lowbrow underground comix, punk and hot-rod street cultures and other California countercultures like noir and neo-noir, in addition to 20th Century Big Prints.

Trulli’s scratchboard works deal with drug-altered states of mind and rejection of sexual taboos

Arman May 22, 2008 Cover Malibu Arts Journal
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Dada. This influential movement started as a miniscule group but became the precursor to abstract art, sound poetry, performance art, postmodernism, the French influence on American pop art, anti-art, anarcho-political art and the basis for Surrealism. The German painter Kurt Schwitters was rejected from the Berlin Dada group, despite his Dada influenced art. This is the same Schwitters who wrote the now famous Dada non-sensical love poem, “To Eve Blossom” and was most famous for his

Marcus Janse: The Tao Of Modern Urabn Expressionism
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Influenced early in life by the emerging graffiti movement in his neighborhood of Bronx, New York and later by the old German Expressionist work from the late 20th Century, as well as European culture, painter Marcus Antonius Jansen's work has received well deserved international acclaim. The decayed structures and human forms are exemplified in the emotional strife of his urbanscapes of the poor. 

Jansen's distortion and exaggeration through use of intense color, agitated brushstrokes and

Slick by Grace Slick
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The voice is not one you will ever forget. Her talent doesn't stop there though. She has been on the art scene for about a decade now, touring with her works in exhibits from Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Malibu to England and New York. She may have entered pop culture through our ears, but she is leaving just as strong an influence on our psyche with her visual arts.

"White Rabbit" was a 60's smash hit and still is in music today. In the world of Grace Slick's art, the white rabbit is one of