Arch Method 143 Motorcycle (Photo Copyright Arch Motorcycle)
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By Josh Hastings and Editor Kriss Perras

The process of creating a motorcycle is art, at least it is at Arch Motorcycle. These beauties are bespoke bikes, made like sculptures for an art gallery. They’re shaped and molded from raw materials, taking form one sexy curve at a time. They’re elegance on two wheels, and some only available in limited editions.

Malibu Arts Journal conducted a Q&A with Arch Motorcycle’s talented designer, Gard Hollinger, to find out how these sleek bikes are

Crocetti Speciale Motorcycle Malibu Cars and Coffee Oct 8 2017 | Photo by Kriss Perras
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 Written by Josh Hastings & Editor Kriss Perras

Malibu Cars and Coffee kicked off this month with a parade of Porsche cars driving into Bluffs Park, followed by a Chevy Camaro SS, a 1966 Chevelle, Jaguars and even a rat rod pulled in. Car events in Malibu have changed considerably since the 2006 on the lawn event called Malibu Concours d’Elegance. Car enthusiasts from all over the area drove up to Malibu to share coffee and car stories for Cars and Coffee. But the biggest change was