Brooklyn Crime Scene by Alix Lambert
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Known partly for her works The Mark of Cain and The Silencing, both published by Viggo Mortensen’s Perceval Press, and her work on the social justice theme of non-fiction crime, Alix Lambert is now hard at work on a graphic novel on the Brooklyn crime scene, a book title of the same name. Through this effort she’s bringing back the art of the courtroom sketch artist. In this Q&A we find out what daily life is like within the criminal justice system.


KRISS: These are scenes from

How to Get your Short Story Published: A Community Workshop
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So many writers have stories they’ve seriously worked on but haven’t gotten published. The craft of writing is a difficult field. Pitches are driven at publishers daily. How do you get yours heard? Take some time to attend Emerging From the Slush: How To Get Your Short Story Published, a community workshop hosted by the City of Malibu Community Services Department.

The workshop will start January 24, 2018 at 10:00 am at Bluffs Park. It will be led by Robert Kerbeck. Participants will learn

Richard Wolff on the Laura Flanders Show 2015
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The Left Forum is a meeting of progressive thinkers, writers and advocates of various types that has convened regularly in and around New York City since the 1960s. On the first weekend of November, Left Coast Forum was launched, its maiden voyage held at LA Trade Tech in Los Angeles. Despite some chilly weather, turnout was strong, surely due to the nexus of a profound national political upheaval, and the presentation of some of the country’s leading progressive voices.

The three day event

The Artists’ Prison By Alexandra Grant
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The cover is simple, unassuming, even inviting. You open the first page to redacted information, like classified materials seen in the military. For Eyes Only. It's a dedication page that’s been redacted. It states “For” and there’s a big blotch where a name should be. A name wiped out. The reader will never know the name that black spot belonged to. Knowledge is both a privilege and offense in this book, and so is art. Creative expression is temporary, something Big Brother gives and takes

The Words Of Others by Leon Ferrari at REDCAT
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War and humanity’s conscience were on trial during a recent shock poetry event held at REDCAT in Los Angeles. This event was hosted by the new independent press X Artists Books and REDCAT. The night left the listener with one word in their head: bastards. These figures from history, except God of course, were bastards.

The performance poetry was from the text The Words Of Others: Conversations Between God and A Few Men And Between A Few Men And A Few Men And God by anti-war Argentinian artist

Rachel Carson | Paley Center For Media
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This Memorial Day is the anniversary of Rachel Carson's (1907-1964) birthday.

Most known for her influential 1962 work, Slient Spring, Rachel Carson was a marine biologist, writer, and early environmental activist. This book has long been credited with setting into motion a massive environmental movement. The establishment in 1970 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) too was a consequence of Silent Spring, in addition to its resulting public discourse. Her warnings on the use of

George Orwell 1984 First Edition Cover
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In the days and weeks ahead, it is likely to come to pass the revelation of the numerous technological violations of the law, both in Egypt and with the collaboration of American tech companies who created the equipment. In Orwell’s 1984, he writes of the infatigable power of technology, a cold heartless system ruthlessly invading areas a human being, in reality, if confronted personally, physically present with the opportunity to do the same, would turn from the prospect, either due to fear of

Pablo Neruda Fin de Mundo or World's End
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It is not often you hold in your hands the works of a poet of this caliber. Malibu Arts Journal had the privilege of reviewing Neruda in 2008 with the Copper Canyon Press release of The Hands Of Day, with translation by the Neruda guru William O’Daly. It is the Journal’s distinct pleasure to once again review the world renowned poet Pablo Neruda in his book-length poem Fin de mundo, or World's End. William O’Daly’s eighth and final translation of Neruda’s late and posthumous work, he writes in

The Great Escape Copyright Jeff Widener Dark Side Of Hawaii
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Pulitzer nominated Jeff Widener has a dark side to his lens: sultry blacks intermingle with translucent whites, ghostly images of reality on the other side of a hotel room door, for most who have only visited Hawaii.

This series of striking photographs is no surprise, coming from globally-known Widener. Engaging, curious, perspetives that flirt with reality but evermore escape into shadow, Widener captures the archipelago of humanity in his Dark Side of Hawaii.

KRISS: How long has The Dark

California Poetry: From The Gold Rush To The Present By Dana Gioia
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It's classic iconic subculture reflections of California’s powerful beatnik literature. The early 20th Century generation of poets are the roots of the beat generation’s impact. Dadaism and Surrealism both had a large influence on the Beats. Dadaism criticized high-culture elitism. Surrealism altered Dadaist’s defiant nature into a positive sociocultural movement with a focus on subconscious revelations. With California the main epicenter of the beatnik impact, “California Poetry: From The Gold

From Lower Topanga: Tool's Snake Pit
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Tool's Snake Pit is published by local Topangan Pablo Capra’s outlet, Brass Tacks Press. You know him. He is the publisher who brought us the little green covered poetry book, Idlers Of The Bamboo Grove. You’ve seen it in a bucket at The Reel Inn and all over Topanga, Malibu and Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center. Most of us here know the Snake Pit as part of Lower Topanga near the Rodeo Grounds. Most outside of the area have not even heard of Lower Topanga. They know Topanga as a whole, as a

Pablo Neruda The Hands Of Day From Copper Canyon Press
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The people’s poet. Pablo Neruda was a venerated poet throughout Latin America and across the world. A one-time candidate for the Chilean Presidency, Neruda was sensitive about his advantages in life. His evocative verse never finds ends to his political potency, romanticism and often antipodean points of view. He was a master salonnière for the people.

The Hands Of Day, published by Copper Canyon Press, contains sixty-seven of Neruda’s poems. Despite his 1941 Nobel Prize in Literature, these