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Begin with a now classic Leonard Bernstein score that the composer referred to as his “love letter to Europe.” Layer in broad comedy, social satire, philosophical musings about the nature of good, evil and man’s responsibility to engage with the world. Season with strong performances and inventive staging, and you have the recipe for Candide, just finishing its run at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion under the auspices of the L.A. Opera and featuring Kelsey Grammer and Christine Ebersole.

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It started and ended with children - side by side with creatures the west calls fearsome but Koreans call friends - white tigers especially! Doves were everywhere. Drones where happy points of light turning a dove into the Olympic rings. Nowhere were the militant drums that announced the start of the Chinese games - Korean drums are soft, are all about Ying and Yang. This ceremony was years in the planning - before the North Koreans announced their Olympic peace plan. The whole world was

Tom Petty Photo by Sam Jones
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His lyrics spoke to the average person. I Won’t Back Down. How many times has a person felt that in their life? You Don’t Know How It Feels. How many a youth, or adult, has had that feeling? How many women have been on the receiving end of the man’s decisions in Free Fallin’? Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around, his collaboration with Stevie Nicks, now everyone has felt that at least once in their life. How many people are currently Runnin’ Down A Dream? Tom Petty entered our psyche at the deepest

Goh Kurosawa Hitori
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Flamenco, Classical, Jazz, Brazilian, Tango, North Indian, Free Improvisation, Rock, Balkan and Afro-Beat music – it all adds up to Global Fusion and a deep interest and talent for both acoustic and electric guitar. A finger-style guitar player, Goh Kurosawa’s wood and strings becomes an entire set of instruments, much like the cross-sections of the places he has performed: the United States, France, South Korea, Canada, Mexico and Japan. The common thread between it all is the

Dolores O'Riordan The Cranberries
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That yodel propelled these Irish musicians from Limerick into global fame in the 1990’s. There was, and still isn’t, anything like the voice of Dolores O’Riordan of The Cranberries. She was in London on Monday for a brief recording session when she was unexpectedly found dead in her hotel room, according to her publicist. At this time, the local police are reporting O’Riordan’s death is not suspicious.

The Cranberries hit fame with songs like Linger, Dream and the politically charged track

Rag N Bone Man Human | Photo by Dean Chalkley
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Rag N Bone Man, a.k.a. Rory Graham, had a debut album titled Human that sold 2 million copies. The hit single from that album, Human, topped the iTunes Charts at number one in over 40 countries and sold over 4.5 million copies. Skin sold over 1.6 million globally and hit number two on the UK Airplay chart. Rag N Bone Man is without a doubt a breakout artist setting the pace. He is now about to embark on a European Tour with 19 dates in the Spring of this year.

A Brit’s critic’s choice award

Lili Haydn And Opium Moon Photo: Trish Tokar
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By Editor Kriss Perras And Heather Fuller

Opium Moon plays Kama Sutra music. Her violin weeps the notes of a love ballad. The bow is at times ecstatic and at others barely touching the strings. As she performs, we’re transported to another universe. There are overtones of Itzhak Perlman in her fingers, and Isaac Stern in her bow. Best of all, in her facial expressions you will find the plateaued emotions of her musical performance. Her whole body is into it, like a violent ballet. This is Lili

Hellyeah at the Whisky-A-Go-Go | Photo by Kriss Perras
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The band Hellyeah has a strong following in real life and on the charts. Crowds show up and fill the house to hear them perform at iconic venues here in the Los Angeles area and across the States. They’re a metal and hard rock band. Their sound is unique in part due to the lead singer, Chad Gray’s, voice. They also have a drummer that is very popular, Vinnie Paul, and guitarists that rock.

Hellyeah’s 2014 metal album Blood For Blood debuted number one on the Billboard Hard Rock album chart

Hellyeah at the Whisky-A-Go-Go Photo by Kriss Perras
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My first experience at the iconic Whisky-A-Go-Go was with my eldest son, David Perras, this year. We decided to go together to see a band he enjoys, Hellyeah. I’d never been to the Whisky-A-Go-Go, ever, in all my years as an Angeleno. I wondered what it was all about. While waiting in line, the crowd grew with people dressed in black, wearing all kinds of body piercings, nose rings, large lobe rings, eyebrow piercings, studded belts, altogether a pretty rough looking group. But hey, who am I to

U2 Joshua Tree Tour Photo By Kriss Perras
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The outside of the stadium was filled with police directing traffic this way and that. The traffic jam as backed up for miles in many directions as people made their way to hear this band that started across the pond. The stadium filled to the brim at 80,000. They came to hear U2 celebrate 30 years of their legendary album The Joshua Tree. This tour marks the band’s first time in full performance of this fan favorite album.

It is quite something to hear 80,000 people sing in unison, and this

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Eight-time Grammy Award-winning jazz icon Herb Alpert is also a platinum-selling musician, songwriter, record producer, visual artist and philanthropist. He was born in Los Angeles. He grew up in a house filled with music. His early music career just grew from there. By mid-year 1962, Alpert and Jerry Moss formed a partnership they called Carnival Records. This name was later changed to what would become the iconic and highly successful label, A&M Records.

"By August 1962, Alpert and Moss

LSO Live Mahler Symphony No 1
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The world premiere of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 was in Budapest November 20, 1889. Today’s version was hammered out by the composer in a series of public performances that then included and little by little excluded certain movements, namely the removal of Blumine, a symphonic love poem for his one time lover Johanna.

Valery Gergiev, conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), brings us the new release LSO Live Mahler’s Symphony No.1. It is a sure bet to invest in any recorded performance