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Stuart Bienenstock Discusses How Playgrounds Positively Impact A Community



Stuart Bienenstock


Who is Stuart Bienenstock Natural Playground Design?

Stuart Bienenstock can provide professional playground design and planning services that are unmatched. Utilizing both two-dimensional and three-dimensional design software, Bienenstock is able to provide communities with the most accurate and realistic playground designs in the world. A community development board will be able to actually walk through a playground before it is built. Bienenstock’s playground design service is second to none in the playground industry. Stuart Bienenstock understands a playground is an investment, and like any investment proper planning and design are crucial to its long-term success.

There is far more to installing a playground than just showing up and putting the pieces together. Bienenstock Playground Design is your one-stop shop for all of your playground equipment and recreational needs. Offering turnkey solutions to help communities complete their playground and recreational projects quickly and professionally, Bienenstock handles projects of all sizes and shapes; from small playgrounds for churches to large municipal parks and other outdoor spaces.

Bienenstock Playground’s Positive Impact

The method of doing this is quite straightforward,” according to Stuart of Bienenstock Playgrounds, “It starts with the builder or developer clearing out the land of debris and waste that may have accumulated over the years and layout an architectural design.” The long-term impacts of this are plenty – it does not only help the community progress in all spheres of life but ensures the land is being used sustainably and for the better. This is why it is important to understand the benefits of land development in your community or neighborhood.

Here are some of the positive impacts playground development has on communities. Read ahead to learn more.

1.    Generation of Employment

To develop the land, labor and skills are required. Thus, more jobs are created as more people are hired for the job. The business and industries that are drawn in once the land has been developed further generate employment and bring in new residents into the community. And so, the domino effect of employment continues.

2.    Better Facilities

With land development, infrastructural development is a given but, this does only mean better sidewalks and parks, it translates to better facilities. From new and improved water supply, roads, power lines, storm drains, and sewage systems, the way of living is improved. All this is not present on the undeveloped property, hence starting from scratch entails innovative and enhanced infrastructure.

Apart from this better schools also add to the list. As more people and ideas flow in, the school infrastructure and quality of education improve as well. More enrollments help societies become more inclusive and welcoming in the long run too – making it a bonus for aiding in political, social, and economic progress.

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3.    Better Community Involvement

Builders and developers take the community on board with the project. They collaborate with the leaders in the community to ensure the maximum benefit is reaped. Optimizing resources and ensuring benefits are outreaching is a common aim here that everyone agrees to. This helps foster an environment of solidarity and prosperity.

4.    More Tax Revenue

In developed communities, taxes soar high. This is because of the economic benefit reaped from different industries and ventures that spring up. Form manufacturing, retail businesses, and professional services, all play an important role in increasing overall tax revenue collected.

5.    More Housing Options

The best suburbs in America have vibrant developed communities, housing options grow as well. There are options for everyone depending on their preferences and needs. Whether it is a multi-unit housing option or one that caters to a single-family, all option is on the table. This means, there is no shortage of housing, thus making housing more affordable and reasonable.

And, what’s even better is that all these housing options are of the latest designs and layouts. They come with updated kitchens, modern amenities such as solar or wind power, and central heating that are not always available in older properties.

6.    Better Local Economy

As more and more local retail chains invest in the area, more expansion and economic growth follow. This means more job opportunities for locals in the community as well. More demand for products and services further brings about economic uplift that is desired by everyone residing in the community. It’s a win-win for all!

7.    Addition of Public Services

Form parks, libraries, schools, parks, public pools, better streetlights, security, and more, the services are endless. The developer usually invests in these services to make the land development project more attractive and advantageous.

8.    Fall in Crime Rates

When an area is developed and comes with better facilities, the need to abandon properties and plots reduces. As a result, crime rates are lowered. In addition, more adults in the area ensure safety for children who like to play outdoors. This added supervision helps make the community safe and peaceful going forward.

9.    Cleanup Adds Value to The Area

Most unused sites are brimming with waste and contaminated materials. The environmental impacts of playground development cannot be overlooked. From the leaching of carcinogens into groundwater supplies, to waste of land resources and more, the drawbacks are upsetting. Playground development thus seeks to clear out the area of these potential risks and make use of the resource the way it ought to be. 

This, in turn, ensures the value of the site is restored as well – making the area worth the investment for businesses and commercial ventures alike

10. Limit Kid’s Tech Use

“In today’s era of technology, guiding children, not just in the real world but also in the virtual one, is parents’ duty.” according to Stuart Bienenstock Natural Playground Design. “They must teach their kids how to limit kid’s tech use and allow them and acquire skills and habits that will teach them how to use technology responsibly.” Whether you have a 2-year-old at home who seems to understand the iPad better than you or a teenager that needs some freedom as well as control, you have come to the right place! This guide will show you how to make technology work for your children and limit kid’s tech use at every stage in their life.

The Bottom Line – Playground Development is a Win-Win for All!

Playground development requires a lot of patience, careful planning, and support to make it a success. It is a profitable business and has an impact that is quite far stretched. From generating employments to bringing in new and improved buildings, roads, parks, and more, it seeks to elevate the area into becoming more welcoming and pleasant. It passes on from one generation to the other, hence being altruistic in nature.

So, if there is a playground development project taking place near you, be sure to have a wide range of benefits coming your way!


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